Parrot Strut Results

Warm Hearth Village
October 13, 2018

For the 5K, the first runner took a wrong turn. The course wasthen modified so all runners completed the same course. Referring to the 6K 5K course map, the revised course took C-J-B-A instead of C-J-K-A. The length of the course is then 3.25 Miles.

3.25 Miles

First Name Last Name Time Gender
Mitchell Parvin 21:36 male
Ryan McNeill 23:10 Male
Tom Jubb 23:40 Male
Lisa Homa 24:55 Female
Phil Pelanne 25:16 Male
Collier Kennington 26:11 Male
Marvin Gates 27:12 Male
Sarah Bayless 31:46 Female
Nate McCutcheon 31:49 Male
Alex Pistole 32:16 Male
Mike Spears 33:21 Male
Andy Brown 34:10 Male
Monika Mattson 34:35 Female
Sheri Edwards 35:19 Female
Richard Shepherd 38:49 Male
Barbara Spears 39:33 Female
Jennifer Tauzell 41:56 Female
Marcel Gaudreau 46:49 male
Patricia Gaudreau 46:50 female
Valerie Hatcher 48:13 Female
Kevin Hatcher 48:14 Male
John Hillison 48:14 Male
Doris Adams 48:46 Female
Christine Smith 48:46 Female
JoAnne Price 56:13 Female
William Price 56:14 Male
Rad Choi Dobson 57:30 Male
Debora Warren 59:00 Female
Barbara Harris 1:02:29 Female
Kevin Stieper 1:04:05 Male
Susan Bixler 1:04:06 Female
Debbie Francis 1:05:15 Female
Lesley Render 1:05:25 Female
Marian Kelso 1:09:15 Female
Tom Loveday 1:10:02 Male
Bill Hendricks 1:21:09 Male
Mary Lee Hendricks 1:21:09 Female
Dick Skutt 1:30:00 Male
Charles Taylor 1:30:00 Male
First Name Last Name Time Gender

1 Mile
First Name Last Name Gender
Rad Choi Dobson Male
Barbara Harris Female
Skylor Shelton male
Ryan McNeill Male
Tom Jubb Male
Lisa Homa Female
Dick Skutt Male
Christine Smith Female
Bill Baker Male
Lesley Render Female
Patricia Gaudreau female
Marcel Gaudreau male
Phil Pelanne Male
Jan Vaden Female
Mike Spears Male
Mitchell Parvin male
Sarah Bayless Female
Alex Pistole Male
Marvin Gates Male
Richard Shepherd Male
Susan Baker Female
Debora Warren Female
Barbara Spears Female
Monika Mattson Female
Rhonda Whaling Female
Valerie Hatcher Female
Kevin Hatcher Male
Jennifer Tauzell Female
Sheri Edwards Female
Nate McCutcheon Male
William Hendricks Male
Mary Lee Hendricks Female
John Hillison Male
Steven Strange Male
Susan Bixler Female
Robin Rogers Female
Marian Kelso Female
Jennifer Loveday Female
Mary Skutt Female
Debbie Francis Female
Tom Loveday Male
Sharen Hillison Female
Collier Kennington Male
Kevin Stieper Male
Andy Brown Male
Doris Adams Female
JoAnne Price Female
William Price Male
Charles Taylor Male
First Name Last Name Gender